the first single from the upcoming record, Losing Control, is a departure from Saint Aubin’s folky roots that stays true to the vitality & energy that defined their early sound. Lonely is the sound of lost love sung in a major key, bastioned by fierce drums and screaming guitars, awash in an ocean of ambient synth & sub bass.

You can listen to Lonely everywhere you download/stream music.

Selected Photos from the Joshua Powell Psycho/Tropic Release Show

all photos by Erik Thein

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A soulful collision of alt-rock and synthy ambience


Hailing from different regions of Indiana and finding themselves in Indianapolis, the members of Saint Aubin bring a vast diversity of sounds and styles to their music and a cohesion that comes from years of fine tuning their craft. Filled with incredibly energetic and passionate musicians, Saint Aubin is a band that must be experienced live. Find out when they'll be coming to a city near you or checkout what gear they're using.

Vox, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Synth
 Fredrick Miller  |  Trevor St. Aubin | Scott Moran


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