This is a Saint Aubin advance.
Use it wisely.

The Basics

Saint Aubin is a synth rock band from Indianapolis, IN. We have two songwriters and switch instruments during our show. We try to make this as easy as possible for the venue by setting our equipment in a line across the front of the stage with a guitar in the center, flanked by drums and bass/synth. The side is flexible.


Day of Show Contact

Fred Miller
+1 502-438-3887

Other contacts
Trevor St. Aubin
(317) 809-3088‬

Band & Crew Names

Total = 4 human beings (sometimes 6)
Fred Miller - Band Member
Trevor St. Aubin - Band Member
Scott Moran - Band Member
Merch Person - They have asked to remain anonymous (jk. it just varies)
Videographer & Photographer (we will let you know if we plan on having these at your venue)

Stage Plot & Input List

High Level Overview

17 Total Inputs
5 DIs
11 Microphones

Medium Level

6 Drum Mics (Including High Hat and Ride)
3 Vocal Mics
4 Synth Inputs (1 Stereo, 2 Mono)
1 Drum Machine
1 Bass DI or Mic
1 Guitar Mic (Preferred SM57)
1 Acoustic Guitar

Saint Aubin Stage Plot.jpg

Marketing Stuff

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