Get the Limited Edition Lonely Sweatshirt

For the release of Lonely we’ve working with local illustrator & designer, Jacob Butts, to create art inspired by our use of the Maneki Neko (aka lucky cat) in the official art for the single. Each sweater will be numbered & signed by Jacob and we will only print the number of items that are ordered during the preorder period.

The shirts are being printed by United State of Indiana.


the first single from the upcoming record, Losing Control, is a departure from Saint Aubin’s folky roots that stays true to the vitality & energy that defined their early sound. Lonely is the sound of lost love sung in a major key, bastioned by fierce drums and screaming guitars, awash in an ocean of ambient synth & sub bass.

You can listen to Lonely everywhere you download/stream music.

Selected Photos from the Joshua Powell Psycho/Tropic Release Show

all photos by Erik Thein

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A soulful collision of alt-rock and synthy ambience


Hailing from different regions of Indiana and finding themselves in Indianapolis, the members of Saint Aubin bring a vast diversity of sounds and styles to their music and a cohesion that comes from years of fine tuning their craft. Filled with incredibly energetic and passionate musicians, Saint Aubin is a band that must be experienced live. Find out when they'll be coming to a city near you or checkout what gear they're using.

Vox, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Synth
 Fredrick Miller  |  Trevor St. Aubin | Scott Moran


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